Retainers and Instructions

Clear Retainer

Removable Retainer

Bonded Retainer

Now that your braces have been removed, Retainers will be provided to hold your teeth in their New Positions. Retainers are a Very important part of your orthodontic treatment in keeping your teeth from shifting or changing.

  • Retainers should be worn at all times for the first year (except while eating, brushing or drinking hot things).
  • Beginning the 2nd year, they can be worn part-time (For example: Nightly while sleeping).
  • Retainers should be kept in their provided case when not in your mouth. They are not to be placed in a napkin, pocket or backpack and should be kept out of heated or hot areas.
  • Keep your retainers out of reach from pets; especially dogs as they love to chew them up.
  • Clean your retainers daily.
    • Removable retainers should be cleaned with a soft bristle brush, toothpaste and cool water. DO NOT USE WARM OR HOT WATER. You may also soak your retainers in denture and retainer cleaner solution like Efferdent or RetainerBrite. If Tarter begins to collect on your retainer, try soaking it in distilled white vinegar (full strength), then brush it again with your toothbrush and toothpaste (repeat if necessary).
    • Clear Retainers should be cleaned with a soft bristle brush and cool water. You may also use hand soap and your toothbrush. Toothpaste should not be used on Clear retainers as it may scratch the plastic. You may also soak your retainers in denture and retainer cleaner solution like Efferdent or RetainerBrite.
    • Bonded Retainers should be cleaned using a soft bristle brush and a floss threader. Be sure to brush gently where the wire is placed to prevent plaque from building up. Use floss threaders at least once a day to floss behind the bar as instructed by the assistant and Doctor. Check daily to make sure that all the glue is intact to prevent teeth shifting. Avoid eating any hard, sticky, and overly sweet food to prevent breakage and cavities. If the wire should come off completely, keep the wire and call us as soon as possible to schedule a repair.

* Be responsible by caring for your retainers, as the current charge for a lost, broken or damaged retainer is quite expensive. If there are any problems with your retainer contact us immediately because teeth move quickly.