Patient Testimonials

“Excellent treatment, FIVE STAR Orthodontist! We are so please with the treatment.”
-James L.

“From day one everyone here has been amazing. I’m so happy I decided to come here & I’ll be  sure to recommend all my family & friends to Dr. Kamisugi
-Reyna Y.

“Dr. Kamisugi and the entire staff has been nothing short of amazing during my 3 year journey. I never thought that having straight teeth would be possible but thanks to this amazing team I will always smile with confidence. Although I am excited for my braces to be removed, I truly am sad that I will not be seeing the amazing people in this office on a monthly basis. I would definitely recommend this office. Thank you =)”
-Anela S.

“This is my second experience with braces. Dr. Kamisugi and staff made this experience a pleasant one. Service was excellent and made it much easier the second time around. Thank you for bringing my smile back!”
-Cristalle C.

 “- Great smile, leads to great health! Difficult at first but rewarding at the end.  Everyone is outstanding!!! From the time you walk in to the time you walk out they’ll send you out with a SMILE.”
-BJ T.

 “I liked how friendly the staff was because even if I broke parts of my braces, they would find time to fit me in for another appointment. Also, I like the results of my braces because my teeth look a lot straighter and feel like they fit more comfortably in my mouth.”
-Joshua B. 

“We chose this office out of the many others because of the care and kindness we received. We have not been let down once! Even when I’ve forgotten an appt, it was met with smiles and kindness. This office and Dr. also helped to get my daughter out of her braes before our move! A HUGE stress relief I appreciate this place, the staff and Dr. EVERY SINGLE PERSON!”
-Isabella E.

“Since I moved to USA I started feeling like I want to have good teeth, which is good smile. The reason why is everybody here have good smile and teeth! And also I wanted to have a confident enough to smile more often. Yes, having braces made my life a little bit tough but now I am 100% happier than before “me.” It made my life so much better and smile everytime I want! Thank you Dr. Kamisugi and Mary!!”
-Kota S. 

 “I wanted to get braces because I wanted a better smile. The results are great. I love everything about the office staff; they make me feel welcomed. It’s great being able to talk & connect with the nurses and orthodontist.”
-Marlin T.
“I really loved having my braces. I really did. I always thought braces were cool and they for sure were. I also really liked how Dr. Kamisugi and staff helped with my braces. They were great. I really did like my braces.”
-Gabe R. 
“Friendly staff & I absolutely share w/ other people my memorable journey from this office”
-Fe D.
“I’m glad I got my braces cause before I had vampire teeth and then I got them pulled out and straightens it so now it looks way better.”
-Joshua W. 
“The office & staff were great. They really care about their patients and take their time to get everything done right. Thank you.”
-Samantha R. 
“Although I’ve been told I’ve had a beautiful smile, I had a major overbite that even affected my jaw. My dentist suggested to get braces so we decided to try it. With 2 years done I finally have my braces off and am left with beautifully aligned teeth. The staff was supper friendly & definitely made this process easier.” 
-Janaira C.
“I got braces only to fix small problems with my teeth but Dr. Kamisugi and his staff made it a super easy and quick treatment.”
-Ashley L. 
“Dr. Kamisugi & staff helped me to achieve my perfect smile that I happen to use every day at work as a flight attendant. They made my time spent in braces easy & enjoyable. Thank you Dr. Kamisugi & staff!”
-McKenna V. 
“My results are fantastic!!! The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. Every appt was fast and the office is well organized. Dr. Kamisugi is so down to earth & kind. I’ll actually miss going to the office once everything is complete.”
-Darcia D.
“I’m truly thankful to have come to this ortho office. There was so much aloha and respect and I loved coming here because of it. The workers shared jokes and talked story as my appointments went on and there was never a dull moment. I’m thankful for the service and all the workers here.” 
-Chase C. 
“Very excellent staff, friendly made me feel like it was home. Very smooth procedure and communications was on point. Two thumbs up!”
-Jacob C. 
“I had a very bad smile prior to braces, so much so that it affected my life up until I was 18. I have gained a new confidence now that my smile has gotten so much better, and I am so happy with the results!” 
-Kelli U. 
“My teeth was not very straight so my mom said that it needed to be fixed. Dr. Kamisugi and staff was very friendly and nice. Now my teeth are very straight!”
-Reese S.
“Everyone here is super nice!”
-Ryan V. 
“Compared to having braces 25 years ago, this was by far the best experience I have had at any dental establishment. Every team member here is great. You really know your patients and are devoted to 100% satisfaction. Thank you for your care and professionalism.”
-James C. 
“Thank you for giving me treatment and care for my teeth to make them better than before. I feel more confident with straighter teeth and really appreciate the care given rewards me.” 
-Kerri N. 
“Love my new perfect smile!”
-Brittany G. 
“The staff are friendly and they know how to talk story. Thanks to Dr. Kamisugi & staff I can now smile with confidence.”
-Austin T.
“It was fast and good the office staff was very great at there job and a fantastic job fixing my teeth. My results were awesome and looks very good.”
-Brayden R. 
“I decided to proceed with orthodontics because my teeth was crooked (mainly because my parents told us to). After almost 2 years of treatment my teeth are straight and look much better than they did 2 years ago. All the staff were friendly and efficient at what they do.”
-Gabriel K.

“Dr. Kamisugi and staff was excellent. From start to finish, they answered all my questions, always found a way to fit me in, and always made me feel comfortable. Great customer service and Dr. Kamisugi is a pretty funny guy. Great Dr.!!! I’ve always loved smiling but now I love my smile. Thank you Dr. Kamisugi and staff.”
-Janice M. 
“Office staff are very professional and friendly. Dr. Kamisugi and staff were very efficient and very welcoming. 10/10 would and will recommend to anyone looking to receive braces.”
-Anthony A. 
“This was my second time with braces because the first time the orthodontist took them off too early. But my time here has been great and the staff were also very good and nice.”
-Jayce C. 
“I like how when I am waiting for Dr. Curtis Kamisugi you talk to me so I don’t get bored. Also didn’t give me a hard time during the experience with braces.”
-Jacob A. 
“I got braces simply because my teeth were crooked the results are pretty great my teeth are straight and my jaw is aligned. The staff has been incredible throughout this process.”
-Kalaya H.
“I procceded with braces because I wanted perfect teeth. I love my results from the treatment. The staff is very nice and I love how they make conversation with me.”
-Robert V.
“I like that my teeth are straight and all the staff was super nice and helpful. Dr. Kamisugi is really nice!”
-Megan S. 
“I had a very amazing experience w/both this orthodontist & w/my braces. Everyone was genuinly nice & really took good care of me. I appreciate everything that was done in order to my time here just great!”
-Madeleine U.
“I enjoyed the orthodontic experience here and I appreciate the reasonable treatment. It was much more effective than I thought braces would be prior to the treatment. The staff were/are very nice and were very efficient. They were very patient about the various rescheduling we had to do for my appointments. I actually wish I continued to wear braces so I could come here more often. They made the process of wearing braces not bad.”
-Erica M.
“I enjoyed my orthodontics experience very much. Everyone in the staff group is so sweet and cooperative. I was scared for braces but now I’m a bit sad to take them off. Thank you for helping me get my teeth straight!”
-Kalena C.
“Great experience, staff was very welcoming & were always excited to see everyone. I’m very happy with my results & I’m extremely greatful for my new smile!!!”
-Katrina O.
“I would like to thank you to all the staff and orthodontic team for making my smile better. Without the help, I would not change the way I smile. Thank you for making my dream smile come true.”
-Wannisa P.
“Dr. Kamisugi and team was very nice and patient. Every visit with the orthodontic team is energetic and friendly. I was never afraid to come to my appointments and felt at ease the whole time. I enjoyed the little conversation we had about anything that came to mind. I’m happy to be able to have my braces experience with Dr. Kamisugi and team. Thank you for giving me a great smile!”
-Kaliya R.
“I decided to first get braces because I was not confident about my teeth and smile. Over the past 2 years I tried my best to do my part and keep my teeth clean and I am happy with my results and the way things worked out.”
-Marcus K.
“I wanted to get my teeth fixed. The office staff are very kind and carring. And I am happy with the results.”
-Keon M.
“Love the way they treated my son in the office and how they worked with us on a payment plan this office is awesome.”
-Theresa M.
“I love you guys”
-Kalel H.
“My parents and I decided to get braces because I had an overbite and crooked teeth. I’m glad that we got to work with Doctor Kamisugi. The staff is really kind and thoughtful. They engage in getting to know a little bit about you.”
-Anika R.
“The entire staff and process have been so easy and excited. Alyssa’s experience was great and she is “totally excited” to show off her new smile! Thank you!”
-Alyssa R.
“I proceeded with orthodontics because I wanted my teeth to be straight. My results were phenomenal, as of now, I currently have straightened teeth. The office is very friendly and nice. “
-Chaylea T.
“I really like the people that work here, everytime I come in they’re always super nice.”
-Raven G.

“I needed braces. I got braces and they helped my teeth a lot. The office staff were very nice and they did a great job.”
-Natalie T.

“I liked the people here and I am happy with the outcome of my teeth.”
-Yun P.

“The people here are very friendly and always make me feel welcome. Thank you so much!”
-Faith L.

“Before, my teeth were very crooked. Now, my teeth are much straighter. The office staff was very nice and helpful. Thank you for making me more confident in my smile and helping me have straight teeth.”
-Emma F.

“My experience at this orthodontist was great. Everything went very smoothely and easy. I’m glad I spent my time at this orthodontist.”
-Bryson L.

“I chose to get braces as an adult because I was never really happy with the way my teeth looked. I chose Dr. Kamisugi because my sister got orthodontics with him 15 years ago and I knew he was the best! I love my results and I’m so glad I chose to do this! Better late than never!”
-Allysen U.

“At the beginning I was very insecure about my teeth &was expecting to have braces on for a while. I was so surprised at how fast my immediately started to look better. The staff is always very nice as well!
-Keeli C.

-Rodel S.

“I choose Dr. Kamisugi from all the great comments from previous patients and from my dentist. My initial apt was easy, pleasant and I felt welcomed from the initial greet w/ Derrah to Dr. Kamisugi. They were very thorough w/ treatment. “Outstanding” My monthly appts was just as pleasant as the first, Dr. Kamisugi office and staff are professional and they make me feel like family highly recommend them to all . Also they never rush you in and out and they talk story with you and interact with me like we were longtime friends. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and previous patients.
-Leilani W.

“Before I had braces my teeth were really messed up and it wasn’t very good. My sisters got braces when she was my age from Dr. Kamisugi, so I just decided to do the same. Now that I got braces removed I’ve seen a big difference between before and now. It’s straighter and I like it more. Every time I came the staff greeted me nicely and treated me with care. Now I don’t have messed up teeth.”
-Breyden W.

“Everyone was very welcoming, knowledgeable, and friendly. Everything look clean and the staff worked around my schedule as well.”
-Alexis B.

“My experience has been a good one, and I’m beyond thankful for all the staff! They made these 2 years fly, for real… I think I’ll smile a little more often now.”
-Zada M.

“The office staff are very friendly. The tightenings were very quick.”
-Alexczander P

“The staff is always friendly and helpful when we came in! Thank you!”
-Lindsey M

“Best Ortho ever! Dr. Kamisugi is great & his staff is as well. Having braces isn’t easy but having a Dr. & a staff like this one made is better. They made everything convenient and my appointments were fun because they’re all so friendly!”
-Joan Marie P.

“Before I came here my teeth was really crooked and messed up. So my parents decided to get braces for me here and I’m really happy about it. Now my teeth are really straight. And at all my appointments everyone was really nice and caring. I’m so grateful for everything they have done for me. Thank you so much!”
-Annika A.

“I enjoyed getting my treatment here, everyone is so nice.”
-Blaise M.

“Overall I enjoyed my treatment here and the results. The staff was always super nice and made me feel as comfortable as possible.”
-Alexis K.

“I really enjoyed my experience here; it made wearing braces become enjoyable.”
-Katherine K.

“Very nice. I enjoyed the friendliness. Very considerate. 10/10 Always makes me feel not as nervous.”
-Richelle S.

“Everyone here was always nice to me. I got braces because I had lots of gaps and now I’m more confident. The staff always explained things like rubber bands and what they’re putting on my teeth thoroughly, they were also always polite.”
-Shea “Tehani” A.

“Looking forward to having my braces off, but the office staff has always made appointments as easy and pleasurable as possible.”
-Audrey W.

“Thank you! It was a great, yet sometimes painful experience. Thanks to your team I have a new smile that looks great. I would just like to send my gratitude to everyone who helped me.”
-Kealii S.

“My experience with my orthodontic treatment was great. I proceeded with orthodontics by keeping my teeth clean and doing what they tell me. The orthodontics staff is great. They were very polite and nice during my appointments. My experience was so great that it made me want to become an orthodontist when I grow up.”
-Brandon N.

“Awesome orthodontic treatment with awesome dentist”
-Yuting Z

“These orthodontist changed my life. I can now be confident in my smile, This experience was great too. I never had a problem with them and I greatly respect them. With the bottom of my heart, thank you very much”
-Dallas J.

“Everyone was nice”
-Aysia T.

“Had crooked teeth for a long time, 2 years braces finally fixed them. Friendly staff and professional. Thank you Dr. Kamisugi”
-Kai N.

“I was very happy. Dr. Kamisugi and the whole staff was very pleasant friendly and accommodating. Great, professional, and painless treatment. I would definitely recommend.”
-Brain F.