Patient Testimonials

“I needed braces. I got braces and they helped my teeth a lot. The office staff were very nice and they did a great job.”
-Natalie T.

“I liked the people here and I am happy with the outcome of my teeth.”
-Yun P.

“The people here are very friendly and always make me feel welcome. Thank you so much!”
-Faith L.

“Before, my teeth were very crooked. Now, my teeth are much straighter. The office staff was very nice and helpful. Thank you for making me more confident in my smile and helping me have straight teeth.”
-Emma F.

“My experience at this orthodontist was great. Everything went very smoothely and easy. I’m glad I spent my time at this orthodontist.”
-Bryson L.

“I shoes to get braces as an adult because I was never really happy with the way my teeth looked. I chose Dr. Kamisugi because my sister got orthodontics with him 15 years ago and I knew he was the best! I love my results and I’m so glad I chose to do this! Better late than never!”
-Allysen U.

“At the beginning I was very insecure about my teeth &was expecting to have braces on for a while. I was so surprised at how fast my immediately started to look better. The staff is always very nice as well!
-Keeli C.

-Rodel S.

“I choose Dr. Kamisugi from all the great comments from previous patients and from my dentist. My initial apt was easy, pleasant and I felt welcomed from the initial greet w/ Derrah to Dr. Kamisugi. They were very thorough w/ treatment. “Outstanding” My monthly appts was just as pleasant as the first, Dr. Kamisugi office and staff are professional and they make me feel like family highly recommend them to all . Also they never rush you in and out and they talk story with you and interact with me like we were longtime friends. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and previous patients.
-Leilani W.

“Before I had braces my teeth were really messed up and it wasn’t very good. My sisters got braces when she was my age from Dr. Kamisugi, so I just decided to do the same. Now that I got braces removed I’ve seen a big difference between before and now. It’s straighter and I like it more. Every time I came the staff greeted me nicely and treated me with care. Now I don’t have messed up teeth.”
-Breyden W.

“Everyone was very welcoming, knowledgeable, and friendly. Everything look clean and the staff worked around my schedule as well.”
-Alexis B.

“After my three years of going through braces I have had a love and hate relationship with my experience. I always have hated using rubber bands but in the end I am extremely happy with my straightened teeth. Thank you to the doctor and his amazing team of individuals for providing an exemplary experience and service every day I came for an appointment!”
-Nicolas S.

“My experience has been a good one, and I’m beyond thankful for all the staff! They made these 2 years fly, for real… I think I’ll smile a little more often now.”
-Zada M.

“The office staff are very friendly. The tightenings were very quick.”
-Alexczander P.

“The staff is always friendly and helpful when we came in! Thank you!”
-Lindsey M

“Best Ortho ever! Dr. Kamisugi is great & his staff is as well. Having braces isn’t easy but having a Dr. & a staff like this one made is better. They made everything convenient and my appointments were fun because they’re all so friendly!”
-Joan Marie P.

“Before I came here my teeth was really crooked and messed up. So my parents decided to get braces for me here and I’m really happy about it. Now my teeth are really straight. And at all my appointments everyone was really nice and caring. I’m so grateful for everything they have done for me. Thank you so much!”
-Annika A.

“This is my second experience with braces. Dr. Kamisugi and staff made this experience a pleasant one. Service was excellent and made it much easier the second time around. Thank you for bringing my smile back!”
-Cristalle C.

“I enjoyed getting my treatment here, everyone is so nice.”
-Blaise M.

“Overall I enjoyed my treatment here and the results. The staff was always super nice and made me feel as comfortable as possible.”
-Alexis K.

“I really enjoyed my experience here; it made wearing braces become enjoyable.”
-Katherine K.

“Very nice. I enjoyed the friendliness. Very considerate. 10/10 Always makes me feel not as nervous.”
-Richelle S.

“Everyone here was always nice to me. I got braces because I had lots of gaps and now I’m more confident. The staff always explained things like rubber bands and what they’re putting on my teeth thoroughly, they were also always polite.”
-Shea “Tehani” A.

“Looking forward to having my braces off, but the office staff has always made appointments as easy and pleasurable as possible.”
-Audrey W.

“Thank you! It was a great, yet sometimes painful experience. Thanks to your team I have a new smile that looks great. I would just like to send my gratitude to everyone who helped me.”
-Kealii S.

“My experience with my orthodontic treatment was great. I proceeded with orthodontics by keeping my teeth clean and doing what they tell me. The orthodontics staff is great. They were very polite and nice during my appointments. My experience was so great that it made me want to become an orthodontist when I grow up.”
-Brandon N.

“Awesome orthodontic treatment with awesome dentist”
-Yuting Z

“My experience was really great. Even though it hurt sometimes, it was all worth it in the end and I am really excited to finally get them off”
-Kehvee T.

“These orthodontist changed my life. I can now be confident in my smile, This experience was great too. I never had a problem with them and I greatly respect them. With the bottom of my heart, thank you very much”
-Dallas J.

“Everyone was nice”
-Aysia T.

“Had crooked teeth for a long time, 2 years braces finally fixed them. Friendly staff and professional. Thank you Dr. Kamisugi”
-Kai N.

"The entire process of having braces was fun and interesting. Seeing my teeth change and form into a more straight teeth was cool. What I do not like is the molding process. Besides that all the staff preformed at a level of profession. Thank you.”
-Frederic D.

“I was very happy. Dr. Kamisugi and the whole staff was very pleasant friendly and accommodating. Great, professional, and painless treatment. I would definitely recommend.”
-Brain F.

“Everything was amazing. Everyone that works here does such a good job. The process was painful but they made it go by so quickly. They were very accommodating and were quick to solve any problems that I had. I am extremely happy with my results and am thankful for everyone here.”
-Naomi P.

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